wanna crush everythin'.

У меня нет особых предпочтений, я предпочитаю пять долларов трем долларам, вот, пожалуй, и все. (Правила жизни Игги Попа)
it was so easier when we were just "friends".
yeah,we kissed.
yeah,we had sex.
we were together but without any duties.
it wasn't dating.
u couldn't jealous.i couldn't yell on u all the time like i do now.
it was so much easier.
i nervous.u do the same.
i cry all the time.
u say u feel like a piece of shit because of that.
i feel like smthng's going on.
and it's going wrong.
all our "dating" is going wrong.
what do you think about that?
u keep silece.

@темы: Кот, одиночество, я

2008-06-06 в 01:43 

Невозможное возможно. С несъедобным посложнее.
i know, everything'll be fine... it's so difficult love.
u have it. don't cry.
i've been listning this song just now... and think about u... u're not alone... u know... :heart:


buy less. fuck more.